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Student Loans

The Farmers Bank Student Loans

We can make going off to college a little easier.

The Farmers Bank offers private student loans to help make college more affordable for families. Our program is completely independent of any government red tape and lengthy forms. With loan approvals completed in house, you can rely on a quick response to your application so that you can make other college-related decisions on time.

You may not be eligible for federal student aid, or may not receive enough to cover the costs of today’s college tuition and related expenses. A private student loan from The Farmers Bank can help bridge the gap between your federal aid and the true cost of attendance.

Our student loans can be used for undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional certifications and medical or dental residencies.

Common Uses for Student Loans

  • Tuition
  • Room and board expenses
  • Books and supplies
  • Fees
  • Computers and other technology
  • Transportation costs

Eligibility Requirements

You must be:

  • Enrolled in an eligible college or trade school
  • Enrolled for at least 8 hours per semester

You must have:

  • A qualified co-signer may be required
  • A deposit account relationship with The Farmers Bank
  • Annual verification of continued enrollment from your college

How to Apply

Start the student loan process by filling out our retail loan application.

Have questions along the way? The Farmers Bank is always here to help you make the best decisions on the road to higher education.