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Student Loans

We can make going off to college a little easier

The Farmers Bank offers private student loans to help make college more affordable for families. Our program is completely independent of any government red tape and lengthy forms. With our loan approvals completed in house, you can rely on a quick response to your application so that you can make other college-related decisions on time.

Our student loans can be used for undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional certifications and medical or dental residencies.

Start the loan process by requesting our retail loan application or complete it online.

Have questions along the way? The Farmers Bank is always here to help you make the best decisions on the road to higher education.

The Farmers Bank has a new partnership to help students with responsible options to fund their education or reach their student loan repayment goals.

INvestEd Tuition Loans

After grants, scholarships, institutional aid, college savings plans, and even Federal Student Loans, a student may still have a funding gap. That’s where private student loans may be an option. Learn More.

INVESTED Student Loan Refinancing

Monthly student loan payments don’t have to break your budget. With responsible options, and some help, those with student loan debt can reach their repayment goals with several student loan refinancing options. Learn More.