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Student Loans

The Farmers Bank has a new partnership to help students fund their education or reach their student loan repayment goals.

At The Farmers Bank we partner with INvestEd, a nonprofit that has been serving Hoosiers for over 40 years. INvestEd offers private student loan products with competitive rates and various repayment options. 

Tuition Loans

After grants, scholarships, and even federal student loans are used, a student may still have a funding gap. INvestEd offers private student loan options to fill that gap while also providing expert assistance so you make informed decisions and only borrow what you need. Learn More.

Student Loan Refinancing

Monthly student loan payments don’t have to break your budget. Often borrowers are paying interest rates higher than they need to, and they may also be in the wrong repayment plan. Completing an application or a quick call with one of INvestEd's experts may help you find options and could save you thousands with a lower interest rate, lower monthly payment, or both. Learn More.