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Why should you choose to receive your bank statements through The Farmers Bank Online Banking?

It’s convenient – receive an email letting you know you may view, download, save, and print your e-statement anytime, anywhere.
It’s safe – your eStatement will not be lost or stolen in the mail.
It’s fast – your eStatement is available days before your paper statement.
It’s environmentally friendly – reduce paper waste and make a tree near you very, very happy.
It’s free!

To sign up for eStatements, you will need to log into Online Banking at If you're currently not enrolled in Online Banking, please contact a Farmers Bank representative at your local branch or call us at (765)654-8731 to get enrolled today!

It’s Quick to Sign Up:

1. Log in to Online Banking.
2. Click Profile in the upper right hand corner
3. Click Edit beside Electronic Statements.
4. Select eStatement options for each account.
5. Click to accept the Terms and Conditions.
6. Click Save.
7. Congratulations, you’re enrolled in eStatements!

eStatements Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for eStatements?
We provide your eStatements free of charge.

Which accounts are eligible for eStatements?
All personal and business checking, savings, and loan account notices and statements are eligible for eStatements.

How do I get my eStatements?
To view your eStatement, you must have a username and password to access Online Banking. If you're currently not an Online Banking registered user, ask a Farmers Bank representative at your local branch or call us at (765)654-8731 to get registered today!

How will I know when my eStatements are ready?
You will be notified by e-mail that an eStatement is ready to view. You will then log into Online Banking to access your eStatements.

How many eStatements are available for me to view online?
As your history builds, you will have access to 13 months of statements online.

Will my eStatement look the same as my paper statement?
Yes, your eStatements will be similar to the paper statements you currently receive.

Can I receive both paper statements and eStatements?
No, once you have completed the enrollment process for eStatements, paper statements are no longer produced for your account.

Do I need any special software to view my eStatements?
Yes. Access to your eStatement is available on any computer with Internet access. You will need Adobe Reader to view, print or save your eStatements. You can download the software for free at