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Notifi Alerts

With Notifi Alerts, you know the moment something important happens on your accounts. It’s easy and it’s FREE to The Farmers Bank personal and business online banking and mobile banking app users.

Want to know if your balance drops? How about when a deposit is made, or when your debit card is used? With Notifi Alerts, you’ll know the moment it happens, without ever logging in.

They’re not only convenient, they can also help you spot signs of fraud and identity theft. Plus, there are a variety of alerts to choose from, and the notifications you receive are completely up to you.

If an alert is triggered, it can be delivered to your mobile phone via text message1, your email inbox, your online banking account, or in your mobile banking app. The fully automated messages are sent in real-time, keeping you up to date when:

  • You hit balance thresholds
  • Bill payments are due
  • ACH transactions are presented as payment
  • Checks have cleared

By keeping constant watch over your accounts, every moment of every day, Notifi Alerts offer even stronger security, a new level of convenience, and a new peace of mind.

1Message and data rates may apply.

Setup Notifi Alerts in Online Banking:

• Log into The Farmers Bank's online banking
• Click on Alerts at the top right of the page
• Click Enroll and accept the Terms & Conditions
• Go to Contact Options to setup your email address and mobile telephone number
• Then go to Alert Options and choose the alert template you want

Setup Notifi Alerts in Mobile Banking:

• Log into The Farmers Bank's Mobile Banking app
• Clock on More at the bottom right and Alerts under Settings
• Turn on Push Notifications
• Choose the Account or Security Alert template you would like to receive
• And turn on Live Updates to stay informed with the latest Mobile Banking news


Do I have to be enrolled for Online Banking to receive Notifi Alerts?
Yes. You can set up alerts from Online Banking. Or you can choose to receive push notification alerts, which are set up from our Mobile Banking app.

How do I sign up to receive Notifi Alerts?
Log into Online Banking and select "Alerts" option located on the upper portion of the screen. You can select from the categories you wish to receive alerts on.

Can I set up Notifi Alerts from the Mobile Banking app?
Yes. To set up push notifications through our Mobile Banking app, just log on, select More from the main menu, then Alerts. Turn on Push Notifications. Once turned on, you can set up account alerts, security alerts, and view your recent history of alerts sent.

How do I activate an email address or phone number to receive Notifi Alerts?
When setting up alerts from the Contact Options tab, just click “send activation code.” Type the code you receive into the activation box.

Is there a fee to receive Notifi Alerts?
No. This is a free service. However, please note that text message and data fees may be charged by your service provider to receive text alerts.

Can I use Notifi Alerts to help guard against fraud?
Absolutely. We recommend that all customers set-up Notifi Alerts to monitor account activity. When you activate Notifi Alerts you’ll know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity in real-time.