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Commercial Real Estate Permanent/Construction Mortgages

Farmers Bank's expert team of loan officers specialize in a broad range of commercial real estate mortgages.

New Mortgages and Refinancing for Existing Properties

Owning your company’s real estate facilities comes with a host of benefits, particularly the ability to exercise more control over your space. Whether you need an office, warehouse, retail store, or manufacturing facilities, Farmers Bank offers competitive rates and terms.

We also offer favorable refinancing options, ensuring that your payment structure is best suited for your business’s current needs. You may be able to lower your rate or cash out equity to improve your working capital to make improvements or expand your business.

Construction to Permanent Mortgages

With one simple loan from Farmers Bank, you can build your own facility from start to finish, from purchasing the land to financing the construction. We’ll then help you convert your construction loan into a permanent mortgage.

Streamlining multiple transactions under one loan comes with multiple benefits. You’ll enjoy less paperwork and more importantly, less expensive closing costs. You may also be able to lock in an interest rate early on in the process, so you don’t have to worry about rates (and future payments) rising during construction.

Reach out to Farmers Bank to learn more about our suite of commercial real estate mortgage options. No matter what stage your business is in, we’ll help you explore your options to buy or build exactly what you’re looking for.