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Term Loans

Fuel your business needs with a term loan from The Farmers Bank.

A term loan gives your business a one-time injection of working capital, which can be used to purchase assets or finance any other financial need you have. Because we work with a variety of businesses, we’re able to structure your payment terms in a way that makes sense for your company’s cash flow needs.

Another benefit is that your payments are fixed each month, so you can accurately budget for the entire loan term. Plus, all of our lending decisions are made locally, so you quickly know whether you qualify and how quickly you can receive funds in your account.

Common Uses for a Business Term Loan

  • Purchasing inventory or equipment
  • Administrative or operating expenses
  • Marketing campaigns
  • New employee hiring
  • Business expansion

How To Apply

If your business already holds an account with The Farmers Bank, reach out to your loan officer to discuss financing options with a term loan. If you’re not yet a client with us, we’d love to talk to you about your business, upcoming goals, and how a term loan with The Farmers Bank could help. Call us today!