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Justin & Cindy Long

As life-long Clinton County residents, we have seen many changes throughout our county when it comes to banks. We’re happy to report that when it comes to our bank, we don’t have to wonder what its name will be this week or where its main office will be located. We realize the importance of supporting an organization that stands unwavering in uncertain economic times. We have trusted The Farmers Bank for all of our banking needs and have been exceptionally happy with the results. From our first savings accounts to buying and financing property, The Farmers Bank has provided reliable advice and realistic options. Our experience in the mortgage loan department has been impeccable, and the financial guidance we have received is personalized for our distinctive needs. The Farmers Bank is an institution that has been integral to our financial goals and will continue to be in the future.

The Farmers Bank is Frankfort’s most reliable, community-centered institution and will always receive our support.