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Richard E. Mudd

When I first started banking with The Farmers Bank in 1972, l had no idea that three generations, three Richard E. Mudds would be banking with The Farmers Bank too. We opened an account for our son, Rick in 1973 when he was just two years old. Now his son, Ricky, has a savings account that was started when he was born just over a year ago. We trust our money and our finances with The Farmers Bank and are happy to put our confidence in a local, community bank. My family and I appreciate the personal service we get from all the employees of The Farmers Bank. We are greeted by name and with a smile. We have always turned to The Farmers Bank when we needed a home mortgage or help building our businesses. The Farmers Bank has always had confidence in our work ethic and ability to handle our finances, and they have partnered with us throughout the last 38 years. I appreciate The Farmers Bank, and as you can see throughout the generations, it will always be our bank for life.