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Randy Maish

In our line of business, the one constant is change. The telecommunications industry moves at such a quick pace, and we need a bank that can take care of those ever changing needs. We need one that can adapt to the latest in technology and never miss a step. Our customers have come to expect the latest in technology and convenience, and The Farmers Bank has worked with us to give those capabilities to our customers. Through ACH, credit and debit card payments, and even through paying from our website, The Farmers Bank has helped us streamline our day to day operations.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so in doing business, we expect the same treatment from others. The staff at The Farmers Bank has always met our expectations. They are very user friendly, personal, and excellent in customer support especially in setting up new services. They have proven themselves to be available to help when questions need to be answered. So would we recommend The Farmers Bank to others? The answer is a resounding yes. As for us, we look forward to many more years of working side by side with our local bank.