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  • Business Lending Isn’t About Money, It’s About Relationships

    A relationship with your banker is a valuable asset to you and your company, but a successful lender-business relationship demands a genuine commitment from both sides. Here's what you can expect while developing a relationship with your banker. #banking #relationshipsmatter
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  • What You Need To Know About The 2021 Paycheck Protection Program Loan

    If you haven’t already applied for a PPP loan, don’t panic, there’s still time. The new deadline is now March 31st, 2021. However, businesses that were not in operation as of February 15th, 2020, are not eligible to receive these loans.
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  • The Gift of Giving: Donations in 2020

    Christmas is the time of year when many of us decide to give to charity, be that because we’ve been had requests sent to us from local charities, or because we have a favorite charity in mind.
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  • Business Year-End Checklist

    It’s safe to say that this year has been far from ordinary, especially for businesses. But despite the hardships and uncertainty of recent months, the show must go on! And that means you need to get to work on your year-end activities.
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  • October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    Cybersecurity is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days, but it’s more than just a ‘buzz word’ picked up by the media, and it’s just as big of a risk for individuals as it is for major corporations.
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  • Leading Others in Times of Change

    As this year has gone on, it has made me think about how leaders can best help their teams face changes. After all, for a business to succeed, it must learn to adapt to new market conditions and adopt different processes to stay relevant and competitive.
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  • Choose Joy and Spread Fun

    You don’t need us to point out that 2020 has been a challenge. From the global pandemic to the upcoming presidential campaign, many people feel anxious and worried for various reasons.
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  • What You Need to Know About the Paycheck Protection Forgiveness

    If you're a small business owner, this year has not only created an unprecedented challenge, but the continual changes with the PPP program has added a lot of uncertainty to an already uncertain world. I hope this article helps you have more confidence in your understanding of PPP loan forgiveness!
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