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Deluxe Provent Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft affects millions of consumers every year. Take steps to prevent it from harming you - before it's too late. Protect yourself with Deluxe Provent™


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The Farmers Bank and Deluxe are pleased to bring you Deluxe Provent™, an integrated suite of identity theft protection services that provides identity theft protection on all fronts, including Prevention, Detection, and Restoration. Identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes in the country, affecting millions of people every year.  The results can be financially and psychologically devastating to the victims.

Take immedate steps to begin protecting your identity and financial reputation. Provent™ starts with a powerful, cost-effective solution - ID Protect. For an extremely low monthly fee, ID Protect includes:

ID Restoration:

A dedicated specialist is assigned to assist identity theft victims with recovery. The service also includes reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs related to recovery and is backed by the EZShield™ Promise (in the event of an identity theft, we provide complimentary prevention, detection and restoration services for up to 1 year).

Internet Monitoring:

Ongoing searches of data and records available on the Internet to identify any known risks associated with up to 14 different consumer identity elements, such as credit card information.

But that's just the start. Deluxe Provent™ also offers a host of additional service options that address the entire spectrum of identity fraud sources, such as:

Credit Monitoring:

Daily monitoring and alerts to notify you of certain activities associated with your credit files.


Secure, digital offsite storage of important documents, with 24/7 secure access via the Internet.

Ultimately, you choose the identity theft protection services that are right for you from the myriad of options available.  You can configure your unique, ideal identity protection solution. You only pay for what you truly value.

Enrollment is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit to view the various options.
  • When you are ready to enroll, enter your financial institution's Routing/Transit Number (9 digit number found in the lower left corner on your checks).
  • You'll be walked through the steps for enrolling and activating your membership.
That is all there is to it!