Personal Banking

Convenience Services

The Farmers Bank offers a variety of convenience services developed for today's busy lifestyles. Whether you want to bank at one of our branch offices, your home, your office, or from the other side of the world, we have a product that's right for you!
Online Banking
Use our online banking services with complete confidence. We use the highest level of encryption protection and authentication technology available to safeguard your account information. Both our personal and business customers can access their balances and view detailed information on all of their accounts any time, day or night.

Introducing Messenger™ our latest improvement for your online banking experience.  Manage your account better with email message alerts.  You customize the settings and get just the information you want.  Click here for instructions on how to set up an alert with Messenger™
Online Bill Payment
Paying your bills has never been easier. Online Bill Pay is the simple and secure way to pay all your bills. It is the most effective way to take control of your time and money. With Online Bill Pay we're always open. You can pay your bills whenever you want. All you need is a computer with Internet access and best of all it's FREE!
Telephone Banking
Quick and easy access to your bank account information from any touch-tone telephone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
One simple call lets you:
  • Receive your bank account information via a touch-tone phone
  • Receive information on your:
  • Checking Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Loans
  • Access from any touch-tone phone
  • Utilizes a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for access and identity verification
  • Leave voice messages for your banker
How do you access Telephone Banking?
To access information about your personal accounts you must obtain a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Please visit or call your Farmers Bank office to request your PIN. Once you have your PIN, you are ready to start using Telephone Banking.
  • Clinton County – (765) 654-6872
  • Boone County – (765) 483-2768
  • Hamilton County – (317) 758-4786

Telephone Banking Menu Options
At any time to speak to a Customer Service Representative during bank hours
Account Information
Current Balance
1 - Transactions that will post today
2 - Most recent transactions
3 - Most recent deposit
4 - All transactions
6 - Verify if specific check cleared
1 - Checking to checking
2 - Checking to savings
3 - Savings to checking
5 - Handi-Cash to savings
6 - Loan advance to checking
9 - Return to checking menu
1 - Loan from checking
3 - Bill payments from checking
5 - Handi-Cash from checking
9 - Return to checking menu
1 - Interest information
2 - Handi-Cash information
9 – Chg. pin # and other accts.
1 - Current balance & last deposit
2 - Transactions
3 - Transfers
4 - Payment
5 - Interest information
9 - Change pin # and other accts.
1 - Current balance & loan pymt.
2 - Most recent transactions
3 - Interest information
4 - Transfer funds
5 - Payoff information
9 - Change pin # and other accts.
Change Pin Number
Return to Main Menu
Verify if a specific check has cleared
To end the call

ATM/Check Card
The ATM card that works like a check. Enjoy the convenience of credit card shopping without interest charges or annual fees with your ATM/Check Card! Just present your card and the transaction will be automatically deducted from your checking account and conveniently detailed on your monthly checking account statement.
Visit your Farmers Bank office for an ATM/Check Card application today!

To Report a Lost or Stolen ATM/Check Card - (800) 472-3272 
The Farmers Bank has convenient 24 hour ATMs at branch locations in Fishers, Frankfort, Kirklin, Lebanon, Michigantown, Mulberry, Noblesville, and Sheridan. A drive-up ATM is also located at 1951 E. Wabash Street in Frankfort.
Night Depositories
It's easy to make deposits at any time, day or night using our convenient night depositories at all Farmers Bank offices.
Free Direct Deposit
Direct deposit of your government checks, Social Security, and payroll checks provides convenience and peace of mind because you know your deposit is safely made to your account, even when you're away from home. Visit your Farmers Bank office for details.
Domestic and International Wire Transfers
Our Wire Transfer Service lets you transfer money to and from your Farmers Bank account to locations around the world. Visit your Farmers Bank office for details.
Automatic Savings Plans
Sign up to have money automatically transferred on a regular basis from your checking or savings account to another Farmers Bank account.
Automatic Loan Payments
Save money on postage or trips to the bank by automatically paying your Farmers Bank loan every month from your checking or savings account.
Safe Deposit Box
Protect your valuables with a Farmers Bank Safe Deposit Box. Boxes are available at our Fishers, Frankfort, Kirklin, Michigantown, Mulberry, Noblesville, Wesley Manor, Sheridan and Lebanon offices.
Notary Service
Do you need your important documents notarized? We will be glad to notarize your documents at any Farmers Bank office.
Savings Bonds
Getting what you want out of life doesn't have to mean putting your hard-earned money at risk. U.S. Savings Bonds are a safe, easy way to save money and a solid addition to your investment portfolio.
To purchase Savings Bonds, order online at